Why LonoCloud

Ingolf Krueger CTO

Ingolf is a Professor at UCSD's Jacobs School of Engineering with over 27 years of software development expertise, including SOA-based systems engineering and cloud computing across health, energy and cyber-physical-systems.

Greg Ricchiuti

Greg Ricchiuti VP Systems Engineering, Devops

Greg has held a series of key leadership roles in desktop switching, network management, and global support groups at Cisco. Mr. Ricchiuti also served as Vice President of Corporate Integration and Business Development for NextWave Wireless, a developer of 4G wireless semiconductors and software technologies.

Marcus Kaltenbach

Markus Kaltenbach, VP Engineering

Markus joined us from Google where he led the engineering teams in developing several business critical corporate applications on Google's Cloud infrastructure. Before this work, he managed both the performance analysis team in Google's server and storage platforms organization and the embedded firmware team responsible for the rollout of intelligent custom power supply across Google's server fleet.


Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi Chief Strategy Advisor

Hossein is chairman and CEO of 2020 Venture Partners and previously CTO and president of AT&T Research Labs. He is recognized worldwide in the scientific community as one of the foremost thought leaders and technological scientists of the 21st century. Holding more than 1000 granted and pending patents worldwide, Dr. Eslambolchi is known for his expertise in IP network design and reliability, security, IP technologies, services, IP applications and for setting industry visions that have been used to streamline production.

Rajesh Gupta

George Kelly Advisor

George is best known as one of Wall Street’s top research analysts. While at Morgan Stanley for 23 years he was involved in over 30 communications equipment IPOs including Cisco, Lucent, and Avaya. Mr. Kelly is highly regarded by the technology investment community and has been rated in the top ranks of the Institutional Investor and Greenwich Research Associates polls.

Rajesh Gupta

Andrew B. Serwin Advisor

Andrew is the founding chair of the Privacy, Security, and Information Management Practice and is a partner in the San Diego/Del Mar and Washington, D.C. offices of Foley & Lardner LLP. His peers and the legal community recognize Mr. Serwin as one of the leading privacy and information security lawyers.

Rajesh Gupta

Chris Kelly Advisor

Chris is an American entrepreneur, politician, and lawyer. Until March 2010, he was the Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook. Mr. Kelly most famously worked across the nation with all 50 Attorney Generals investigating a case of privacy infraction involving minors and ultimately creating greater protection online.

Rajesh Gupta

Andy Mattes Advisor

Andy is a consultant and advisor on growth, sales strategies, global expansion, restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions in the IT, Cloud and Communications industries. Mr. Mattes has served at Hewlett-Packard as Chief Sales Officer, and then as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Services, Americas.

Benefit to LonoCloud

The LonoCloud Advisory Board actively guides the LonoCloud executive team in strategy, raising investment funding, and they make introductions to drive strategic relationships. They strengthen the LonoCloud bench with a group of very seasoned and experienced professionals with a proven track record of success. Building a top notch advisory board is a requirement for going out and raising a larger venture capital equity investment round. The LonoCloud team continues to execute successfully as they complete the next step in building a great company.

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