Why LonoCloud

LonoCloud’s Elastic Service Fabric (ESF), the core of our PaaS+ product, is ideally suited to building workflow-driven Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solutions across the hybrid cloud.

Our flagship product, ESB/Warg, is a lightweight ESB built on top of ESF, whose centerpiece is a highly scalable, fault-tolerant and policy-driven workflow orchestration engine. Warg offers a variety of service endpoints, for SOAP-, REST- and JMS-based interactions with external applications or services. It also provides connectors to in-house services for authentication/authorization, logging/audit, and resource management services, to name but a few examples. Warg comes with its own internal database, but can connect to other data storage solutions via corresponding interfacing services. One of the key features of Warg is its capability to scale out workflow processing across all available computational resources available to it. Policy point and workflow processors can run anywhere the ESF is deployed, can be added and removed dynamically, and allow pausing and restart of workflows.


ESB/Warg is deployed via LonoCloud’s own provisioning service, LonoProviders, which can target any development, QA and production environment in which Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) can be deployed. This includes bespoke servers, private data centers, Amazon’s AWS, Google’s GCE, HPCloud, Rackspace, VMWare/VSphere, and Open Stack. This facilitates seamless migration from in-house development to private to hybrid to public cloud deployment of enterprise systems.

ESB/Warg leverages the ESF’s capabilities for

  • - Data and process distribution across a hybrid cloud fabric
  • - Service configuration via fully and eventually consistent distributed state
  • - Distributed message queueing with fault-tolerant queue management
  • - Event management for notifications, logging and audit trails
  • - Failure management via replicated services and data
  • - Elastic scale for all processes of both platform and application
  • - Policy definition and enforcement at the message and application/workflow level

With these capabilities, ESB/Warg is the ideal cloud-enabled platform for mission critical and cost-effective enterprise orchestration and integration projects.

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