Cloud Federation PaaS+

LonoCloud is a Cloud Operating System (PaaS+) to federate multi-vendor clouds with greater control of security, fault tolerance, cloud scale, performance for migrating mission‐critical apps to the Intercloud.

The LonoCloud Federation PaaS+ operates at a higher layer in the stack enabling ease of workload mobility across private, public, hybrid clouds including other PaaS layers. The cloud OS mesh fabric coupled with an automated policy system federates a set of distributed application nodes and accelerates the migration of SOA apps to the cloud.

LonoCloud’s Elastic Service Fabric (ESF), the core of our PaaS+ product, is ideally suited to building workflow-driven Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solutions across the hybrid cloud. Read more...
Lonocloud What We Do

LonoCloud System Demonstration (mHealth example)

Scalable. Reliable. Secure.

Based on years of research, LonoCloud provides a platform that scales, is available, and focuses on security across cloud providers. This unleashes the power of the commodity cloud for your applications.

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Built for Your Industry

LonoCloud's platform is built for your industry's integration challenges; we specialize our infrastructure for healthcare, finance, energy, transportation, communications and government.

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Why LonoCloud

ViaSat Acquires LonoCloud

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LonoCloud is a new "elastic" application platform that integrates live‐live fault tolerance, scalability and security into its policy system, accelerating the migration of mission‐critical applications to the cloud. Moreover, LonoCloud extends the intelligence of this hybrid public/private cloud fabric into a federation of nodes enabling specific policies to control message security, scale, availability, and performance of the distributed application components.

The LonoCloud OS (PaaS+) is evolutionary, driving broader adoption of distributed architecture SOA applications and enabling the cloud benefits of highly parallel, federated processing. The LonoCloud architecture is a mesh network with no single point of failure due to the algorithms built into the“fabric” of federated nodes. For mission‐critical applications including remote mobile devices like health sensors, LonoCloud enables a high degree of fault tolerance through triple modular redundancy. Your application never goes down or skips a beat during a transaction.

LonoCloud has assembled a veritable think tank of cloud and cyber‐security innovators with decades of combined experience in cloud computing. In addition, the management team has experience in successful startups and fortune 500 companies. The LonoCloud Platform is built with Clojure, a lightweight and dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine. The LonoCloud OS PaaS+ is architected specifically for the InterCloud model and Clojure offers simplicity and higher performance with superior parallel processing. LonoCloud has hired experts in this new language to optimize the efficiency of the LonoCloud software and APIs. Moreover, these engineers are encouraged to spend company time giving back to the community by developing open source Clojure capabilities.

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